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10 Profitable Football Betting Tips And Tricks

10 profitable tips and tricks for Football betting blog

Football betting can become more fun when the wins outdo the losses. The availability of a plethora of football betting sites keeps punters busy most of the time. Ample football matches are being played around the year to create ripe conditions for punters to make the dough. In such fruitful conditions, the punters must acquaint with the tips and tricks to churn more profits. Here are the top 10 football betting tips and tricks worth contemplating.

Choose Competitive Odds

It is one of the most profitable tricks to rule the football betting space in 2021. Sportsbooks don’t keep a significant house advantage on low or competitive odds. Also, you can have a budget solution in hand by choosing a low odd. Thus, the chances of maximizing the earnings increase due to collective working of factors like low house advantage, high possibility of a win, and competitive betting cost.

Try specialized and newer markets

With the advent of better research tools and lots of data availability, sportsbooks foray into newer betting markets. These specialized betting options are the best-suited for punters who are big absorbent of news and events surrounding their teams. Since these bets face low competition, you can be an advantage. Some of the specialized betting markets worth considering in 2021 will be:

  • Who will be the next manager?
  • Which player will get the yellow card next?
  • Which player will be given a rest? And so on.

Favor the stronger team for safe bets

When all numbers and possibilities indicate a high possibility of win of a stronger team, defying the trend for no reason can be audacious. It is advisable to favor a strong team to increase the chances of winning.

Assign a budget for betting activity and stick to it

Betting space is packed with uncountable sportsbooks. These options create temptation pulling the punters towards trying harder and more often. But, it is advisable not to go beyond three sites at a time. You will be spending this way intelligently, and the tracking of funds will be easier as well.

Do not bet out of emotions or desperation

Betting on a team due to love and loyalty does not work in your favor. It can cost you your money. The focus has to be entirely on what numbers speak about the team. If they are not the favorites, taking risks out of love is a must avoid.

Calculate odds after thorough historical analysis

The odds are not random numbers. But, these emerge from the historical records. For example, when a team has seven wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss in the last 10 games against the opponent team whose record reads 1 win, 7 losses, and 2 draws, the first team’s odds stand 7+7=14 for the home win. The draw odds for this match will be 2+2 = 4, team B’s away odds will be at 1+1= 2.
Using the implied probability method, you can find team A’s win possibility vs. draw vs. team B’s win possibility. It helps to find safer bets.

Keep only 2-3 bets in combo bets

Accumulator bets are where all bets in the baskets should yield a win to help the punter win this big bet of small bets. Adding many bets randomly cannot guarantee a win; it makes the accumulator bet riskier.

Go for the most straightforward bets

Choose bets where you are not required to predict an exact value but a range. Those bets where limited research can help yield results may be an easy bet to invest money on.

Keep an eye on the off-field activities or current situation

Current form or situation analysis is as crucial as historical analysis. When you want to assess the whole match situation and derive results, you must follow news and recent happenings to make a betting opinion.

Take tipster advice

Tipsters are professionals who do a lot of leg work to provide soccer predictions. These experts have better access to authentic resources and insider betting news. Thus, when in a fix, you may consider taking tipster advice.

Summing Up

Football betting in 2021 is going to be a lot more different due to prevailing conditions. The tried and tested sure win tips and tricks mentioned above can help you maintain profitability despite the high unpredictability looming over the international football scene.