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Everything About Online Casino Promotion & Bonuses

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One thing is familiar to many online casinos out there; they offer a staggering amount of promo and bonus features to bettors and punters. There’s an actual reason for this. The online casino space has a lot of competition. These bonus and promo features are one of the ways that online casinos use to attract new punters and keep old customers happy. But what exactly do these bonuses entail, and why should you take the time to know about them? Having a working understanding of the bonus features that an online casino offers can drastically improve your bet value or even help you bet for real money free! When you use a platform like SBOTOP (Previously known as Sbobet), for example, you can leverage a variety of bonus options to give you a truly memorable betting experience.

Types Of Casino Bonuses

Before going into the types of bonuses you’re likely to find in any online casino, you should keep in mind that by their very nature, using these bonuses is optional. You don’t have to leverage them as you choose to play generally if that is what you want. Common types of bonuses you’re likely to find are:

The Welcome Casino Bonus

In many ways, this is what attracts the average punter to any particular online casino the most. It is essentially the most popular type of bonus that online casinos offer. As you can imagine, it does an excellent job of bringing in bettors. Typically, the type and extent to which a welcome bonus goes are determined by each online casino. As a result, there is always an abundance of options for punters to choose from.

The Match Bonus

If the welcome bonus is exclusively reserved for newcomers, then the match bonus is a perk that only customers of an online casino can enjoy. This is the bonus that an online casino awards a bettor when they fund their bankroll. Again, like the welcome bonus, the amount and extent of the bonus are dependent on the particular online casino. SBOTOP casino, for example, has been known to offer as much as a 100% match bonus to its customers, meaning that if you fund your bankroll with 1,000RM, you get an additional 1,000RM, making 2,000RM to bet with!

The Free Spin Bonus Type

Also very common to many online casinos, this type of bonus is often applicable to casino slot games. Usually, it involves the betting site giving their customers leeway to spin multiple times without placing bets for a chance to win real money.

The No-Deposit Bonus

As another rather rewarding bonus used to attract new bettors, this is a package that online casinos offer that gives the bettor funds to play on their platform without an initial deposit. What’s more, the punter can choose to withdraw this straight away if they don’t want to bet at that time!

What To Remember – The Wagering Requirement

In many cases, online casinos offer these bonuses with a string attached, the wagering requirement. It is the minimum amount of money a punter must spend betting before allowing access to their bonus account. Even though it varies from site to site, one thing common to all is that it is usually quite steep. So, be sure to check it out before you commit yourself!