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List Of Sure Bet Betting Sites

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A sure bet also known as arbitrage bet is a favourite with novice and experienced punters. It comes with an 85% positive chance of a win; something that is unthought-of in betting in any form. However, the element of risk can only be reduced here when the strategy applied, including the tipster selected, is conducive to a win. Else, even with an 85% chance, a punter might lose.



So How Does Sure Bet Work?

When punters buy sure soccer bets, they make a profit by taking advantage of the difference in the odds set by different bookmakers. This profit is somewhat guaranteed and independent of the event’s outcome. It is common knowledge that bookies always set odds in a way that they never lose. They earn their commission by keeping control of the margins of the offered odds. However, in a sure bet, punters are in control of the margins. By keeping a track of the different odds offered by different bookmakers for the same event, the punter can set the margin in his favour. Since the punter places a sure bet for the same event with different bookmakers, he makes a profit irrespective of the outcome; if not from one bookmaker then from the others he has placed the sure bet with. However, to spot a sure bet, it is important to seek the services of experienced tipsters who have the required technology and expertise to spot one immediately. The sure bet has to be placed very fast, for, if the bookmaker gets to know about the discrepancy, he will immediately change the odds.

What Are The Best Websites For Sure Bets?

Some of the best websites to buy sure soccer bets from are:

  • BetEnsured: This is by far the best soccer bets prediction website. It provides daily predictions and tips for real-life football events like the EPL, the Spanish Liga, Bundes Liga etc. Since their predictions are based on hard historical facts and other relevant factors, the probability of spotting a sure bet is very high. Experienced and expert statisticians offer punters complete information about upcoming games and also put forth their recommendations based on the punter’s needs.
  • WindrawWin: This is another free yet extremely effective sure bet predicting website. It offers predictions for almost all events in soccer betting. Their predictions are accurate and along with them, they also offer betting statistics, football statistics, football results and trends in football betting. When recommendations are provided, they are backed with detailed information about the teams playing in the match.
  • PredictZ: They are famous for their daily predictions made for all soccer matches taking place. Punters can select from the matches available as per their convenience and place bets based on the same. They make their predictions based on head-to-head statistics, history of games played against each other and current forms of the participating teams. These statistics are also available for their punters to see. This statistics-based approach makes PredictZ one of the best football betting tipster websites to buy sure soccer bets
  • Futbol24: This tipster website offers punters numerous features to choose from like information about all current ongoing leagues per country, favourite match list, live match information and analysis, teams, competition, game statistics etc. One of the most accurate tipster websites, Futbol24 offers punters an app to enable easier and smooth access to predictions. It has a very friendly user interface that makes it ideal for spotting sure bets.
  • Zulubet: This website is exclusively dedicated to football. Punters associated with them swear by their predictions as they offer predictions and tips with the sole aim of enabling the punter to win. Their predictions are based on statistical analysis, current forms and analysis of previous head-to-head matches. Zulubet is also a multi-lingual website that offers predictions for all famous soccer leagues from around the world.

Several other tipster websites also offer sure bet predictions like, Overlyser, SoloPredict, 1960tips etc. Punters need to select one tipster and ensure that they stick by them for some time for consistent winnings to start.